South indian Breakfast !!

Dec 06,2014

Hi guys, 

               I have a confession - I love 'idlis' (steamed rice cakes), there's not a day that goes without me having 'idlis' for breakfast. I know its sort of weird but I personally don't like to have anything else for breakfast since its early in the morning when I have to rush to university :P

So now you know where I get my inspiration from ;) I took a day to make this dish as I have tried to get the crispy/roasted sort of look on the 'dosa'. I've added a few mustard seeds on top of the idli, a vada ( fried lentil fritter), some coconut chutney and of course sambar ( curried lentil).


In this picture, The dish is 'sambar idly', usually served in hotels in this sort of rectangular plate, two idlis are placed and hot sambar is poured over it, I know! So yummy! This was quite challenging as you can see it on my fingers and how tiny it is. I've tried to replicate a few tiny cut tomatoes and a little corriander on top to give it a final touch. Planning to start sculpting more yummy foods, so please stay tuned. See you soon. Take care (:


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