Rainbow cake! :D

Nov 03,2014

Hi guys,

First off, I'm so excited to tell you that finally my semester exams are over and now I have more time to work on my miniatures. yes! How exciting :D

I basically love eating cake, ANY SORT OF CAKE! No wonder I love to bake as well, I remember there used to be these times I used to eat rainbow cake almost everyday, I know! I'm crazy. Here in chennai, though cupcakes are really famous, not too many places sell rainbow cakes, say two or three places. That's it! There is this really good cupcake parlour in chennai that sells rainbow cake, but the cake has only four layers, and every time I eat that cake, I'm in heaven! It tastes so good.

The cake being so moist and nice, The buttercream on the outside perfectly whipped and coated with sugar crystals. So I was wondering why not for a change sculpt something that I love so much! And not only have I made a freshly baked and frosted rainbow cake but also a prep board, showing a freshly cut cake slice placed on the board, a knife with frosting smeared on it, a tissue paper and some excess frosting in the bowl. Oh! not to forget the cake is coated with sugar crystals. :)

So here it is - 






A rainbow cake - A vanilla sponge cake that's being divided into say 5 or 6 portions depending on how many layers or colours you want and then the food paste is being added to the batter, then they are baked in different tins. Once the cakes have come out and are cool, then they are assembled. The frosting that's used for this cake mostly around the world is Buttercream frosting. If you haven't tried this cake, then you should try it soon! :) 



Hope you guys enjoyed looking at this post! See you soon :) 

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