'Pav Bhaji'

Dec 14,2014

Hi guys,

I was planning to concentrate on making chaat this time, I'm experimenting with different stuff to try and get the realistic look as much as possible. Since I love 'pav bhaji', I thought I'd make this first. I've been wanting to make this for quite some time - There's this one incident that comes to my mind when I think about pav bhaji, I went to my friend's house for a sleep over, we decided we'd go out for dinner and ended up at this 'authentic chaat shop' next to her place. I was craving for some pav bhaji that night, so we ended up ordering it and we ate so much of it that we were so full, for every plate you usually get two buns but then we can always ask for more and your charged additionally. We ordered so many buns that night because honestly, though I've had this dish in so many places around chennai, It was the best I've ever eaten. The buns at that shop were insane because they were literally fried in butter and I've tried to replicate the buns that way. The bhaji is usually quite spicy, lemon, onion and corriander is added on top. The vegetables used are mostly potato, peas, beans (maybe a few others as well - not sure about the rest) and all the vegetables are almost mashed and cut unevenly. I took almost five hours to complete this whole dish, especially making the buns were a lot of effort. Each of these plates measure almost an inch.

In the Pav bhaji that I've made, I've tried to get the consistency of the real bhaji, will improve on that more the next time. I've also added really tiny pieces of onion and corriander on top. And yes of course I've made extra buns incase your craving for more like me ;) 

See you soon with more chaat dishes. Take care :) 

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