A Mini Introduction!

Nov 03,2014

Hey guys,

I was thinking why not give a 'Mini Introduction'. So let's get started!

My love for miniatures always prevailed. I still remember so well in 2013 I was sitting at my study table with a few blocks of fresh clay wondering what to make, I then anyway made a cup with a scoop of ice cream which looked no where close to it. Haha! That's the first miniature I made and from then on I told myself I will improve and become better as time goes by. Frankly speaking I never thought sculpting anything would be diificult, I would sit for three to four hours in a stretch and try to make something. In the beginning they used to be so bad that when I showed them to my dad he would reply after five minutes because he would be so confused himself but he never did let me down or tell me they were bad. It took me more than six months to start sculpting properly & for people to realise what is the food that I've sculpted. Here are some of the pictures of some of my first miniatures. ;) 


- There is an ice cream I made, a plate with cookies and a bitten donut, and two of my burgers I made long back :) 

- Then there is a plate of spaghetti made with herbs and alfredo sauce! :) 

- And I tried to make my camera and write my intial on top :P 

Hope you have fun looking at some of my first miniatures. :)


A little information about the clay I use - 'Polymer clay'.

Polymer clay is a type of hardenable modeling clay based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The clay hardens only when it is baked in the oven. Polymer clay can best be kept in a place that's cool. It is extremely poisonous to health. The tools we use for sculpting polymer clay CANNOT strictly be used for any other purpose. There are different brands of polymer clay like scupley, fimo soft etc. There are different ranges of clays made - a few colourful and softer ones for children to play with and sculpt, Also at the same time polymer clay also is made by a few companies for professionals to use. In my next blog I will uploading a picture of the brands of clay I use and also a few basic tools so you can get an idea :) 

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