Chocolate cake prep board'

May 14,2015

Hi guys, I know I'm writing on this blog after a long time because I was busy in shifting into my new house.


Now I'm already with a new set of miniatures to show you people :


Lately on mind, have been these miniature prep boards so I thought why not try making one. This prep board that I have made has a freshly baked chocolate cake, that's been a little too much in the oven, and I've tried to give it the rustic look, it also has a mixing bowl, with all purpose flour, cocoa powder and a broken egg. I've also made a few bars of chocolate, also bits of chopped chocolate in a bowl, And of course the miniature hershey's cocoa powder bottle that I bought online. I've loved baking in real life so this prep board is very close to my heart. Especially when it comes to this board, chocolate is the star as it is truly a happy sinful ingredient. Be sure to comment :) See you soon. 

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