'Carrot cake'

Nov 21,2014

Hey guys, I want to be able to post as much as I can before my college becomes too hectic :( 

So today I will be showing you the carrot cake I made recently, Carrot cake is basically like a christmas cake (fruity and nutty), It does have carrot pulp in the batter as well as a lot of spices and nuts like cinnamon, nutmeg and walnuts, to make it extremely tasty and to balance it all, it is topped off with a cream cheese frosting. It is lip smacking good, I assure you. You should give it a try if you havent eaten this cake. Honestly in the beginning even when I heard the name I thought its weird but It did taste good and of course you people know my love for cakes If you have read my post on the rainbow cake :P 

In the cake I have made like a vanilla sponge cake for the centre and the cakes on top and below are carrot cakes, If you look closely you can see the little shavings of carrot (grated carrot) and little pieces of walnuts. I have frosted the cake with cream cheese, and I made little baby fondant carrots on the top for decoration, It took me so much time to finish these carrots, almost 45 minutes, I added two chocolate wafer rolls on top. The sides of the cake have like this crumble to make it look a little more interesting. I have placed it on a wooden board to give it a rustic look. :) 

So I hope you have fun looking at the pictures, and please don't forget to comment and share this page on Facebook :)  See you soon! :) 

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