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Hi, I’m Rupashree Adam! Call me Rupa. I am just pushing 20 - into my third year doing Visual Fine Arts, and fully enjoying it - at a prestigious college here at Chennai. Honestly, I wasn’t quite hot about this course initially, but it was my Dad and Mom who had discovered the ‘creative traits’ hiding in me and felt this Course will lend strength and substance to my creative urges. And so it has, as I realize it now! We had long discussions about it, and then at the end of it all my parents had convinced me to go for it. Looking back, oh yeah, I think it’s been one of the best decisions yet in my young life, so far!

Without any further ado, let me tell you my creativity flows through my artistic work with miniatures - Miniatures of Food Items. All those exciting delights from India, and from other countries, will be in my artistic arena, and I’ll be expanding my collections non-stop. I create my food miniatures with as much care and passion as the Chefs in the Five Star Hotels and other exotic Eateries do with the real food that they dish out. I create charming Food Miniatures that match all those real ones! May not be size to size, or taste, but they’re all absolute visual delights and exact mini replicas that will leave you mouth-watering! You won’t eat them, I know, but you will preserve them, because these miniatures are real work of art which you can’t help loving!

How I got hooked on to Food Miniatures is another story! Even as a five year old child, I loved playing with miniature toys of cooking vessels, stoves, spoons, ladles, cutlery and all those things. With my mom in the kitchen, I would also act like I was a nice cook too and turn out ‘mini dishes’ of all sorts of food and vegetables. I would excitedly use the dough of wheat flour (atta)- with which my mother made ‘roti’s for us - to make miniatures of all sorts of things. I didn’t realize that over the years my hobby had grown into an all-consuming passion. Into my first year in college I had also started to sculpt and replicated quite a few food dishes in mind blowing miniature forms. I was amazed at the work of art which were my own creations! And here I’m today, all set and ready to firm up my dream to become a full-fledged artist in the field I have chosen to shine – Food Miniatures!

Charming Miniatures is a blog site which will show case all my exquisite creations for you to see, feel and enjoy! I plan to begin with Indian dishes, more of South Indian dishes for a start, but will gradually add on to the range, including some of the exotic global fare dished out all over India and globally. You will be able to catch the passion of a foodie flowing through these artistic creations!

I have not seen much of the Indian food in miniatures on such web sites. I want to see how exclusive I can get. I am sharing my passion with you because I know I won’t reach anywhere without your views and comments. If you also like all the things about food as an art, like I do, especially in all their glory in miniature forms, do let me know what you think of my work. Help me to grow! I will be quite happy to see what you have to say about my precious work! I love them! I want you to love them, and say you do! I look forward to seeing you on this site often!

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